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maps are also distinct for the global knowledge required to construct them. A meaningful map of the world could not be constructed before the European Renaissance because less than half of the earth's coastlines, let alone its interior regions, were known to any culture. New knowledge of the earth's surface has been accumulating ever since and continues to this day. Maps of the world generally focus either on political features or on physical features. Political maps emphasize territorial boundaries and human settlement. Physical maps show geographic features such as mountains, soil type or land use. Geological maps show not only the surface, but characteristics of the underlying rock, fault lines, and subsurface structures. Choropleth maps use color hue and intensity to contrast differences between regions, such as demographic or economic statistics.

非洲地图_非洲地图中文版 非洲地图

非洲地图_高清_中文版版 非洲地图

非洲地图_非洲地图中文版_非洲地图查询 非洲地图

非洲地图 非洲地图

帝国主义瓜分非洲地图_高清_中文版版 非洲地图

TSIS 非洲地圖 非洲地图
TSIS 非洲地圖

非洲各国地图非洲地图中文版-北京神舟旅行网 非洲地图

非洲地圖- 非洲地圖Afica Maps.世界地圖- 美景旅遊網 非洲地图
非洲地圖- 非洲地圖Afica Maps.世界地圖- 美景旅遊網

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