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Mariehamn | Weird Places Mariehamn

Mariehamn | Weird Places

Mariehamn is located in Åland MariehamnMariehamn (Finnish: Maarianhamina) is the capital of Åland, an autonomous territory under Finnish sovereignty. Mariehamn is the seat of the Government and Parliament of Åland, and 40% of the population of Åland live in the city. Like all of Åland, Mariehamn is unilingually Swedish-speaking and around 88% of the inhabitants speak it as their native language


Mariehamn - Visit Åland Mariehamn

Mariehamn – Visit Åland

The town was named after Maria Alexandrovna, the Empress consort of Alexander II of Russia. Mariehamn was founded in 1861, around the village of Övernäs, in what was at the time part of the municipality of Jomala. The city has since expanded and incorporated more of Jomala territory. Mariehamn was built according to a very regular scheme which is well-preserved. One of the oldest streets is Södragatan where many wooden houses dating from the 19th century can be seen.

Mariehamn – Vikipedii Mariehamn

Mariehamn – Vikipedii


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Mariehamn | cruiseeurope.com


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Travel Guide Mariehamn Åland - Tourism Mariehamn ... Mariehamn

Travel Guide Mariehamn Åland – Tourism Mariehamn …


A stroll around Mariehamn - Visit Åland Mariehamn

A stroll around Mariehamn – Visit Åland
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